Aaron's Lavender Leviathan Gay Art Gallery
"The Party," or The 25 Gays of Christmas
Aaron and Brick are throwing their annual Christmas party and you're invited! Artist, Bruce Cegur has taken a departure from his usual style and has created the first, on the edge, gay dollhouse. This is an art project in progress so, updates will be made frequently.
you are invited to "The Party or The 25 Gays of Christmas" CLICK HERE
Click Here to view 3D Maximen images that pop right off your screen! 3D Maximen
I have been creating 3D images for many years and now I have taken these images to a new virtual level with Anaglyph 3D Technology - just like the old 3D Movies and Comic Books. View FREE 3D erotic movie clips and images.
Aaron's Adventures in Fantasy
From artist Aaron Rush: Several different series of digital prints featuring Aaron's many adventures into the world of fantasy. Each set contains 8 prints.
View artwork by Bruce Cegur Art by Cegur
The erotic work of my very good friend Bruce Cegur. We have known each other for years and in that time he has gained a great deal of recognition for his talent as a nationally known artist.
Art by David Hockney
Hockney made a huge contribution to gay art in the 20th Century and continues to do so.
View Art by Paul Cadmus Art by Paul Cadmus
Cadmus memorialized the ways gay men found sex at a time when there were no gay bars or neighborhoods.
Classic Gay Art Gallery
A feature exhibiting classic works of art from throughout the ages containing a gay theme or subject.
View Classic Gay Art
Aaron's FREE gay eCard feature, Digital Dudes egreeting cards. CLICK HERE!