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Hollywood and Homosexuality, What every gay man should know about Hollywood:

Face it, we all like to look at photos of nude men but we really like to see our favorite Hollywood hunk in the altogether. Choose from our menu of nude celebrities and finally see what's been hiding in those designer pants. This selection wil be updated and added to on a regular basis.

What is one of the first questions that you are asked when a heterosexual finds out that you are gay? No, not "Have you always been that way?" but, "Is it true that such and such star is gay?" Well, now you'll have the answer. Check out Who's Out in Hollywood.

I'm ready for my close-up! I've always wanted to be in the movies and now I am. Now you can view videos of my most personal moments as well as hidden camera movies of my Adventures in Fanasy. Enjoy, it's free but you need quicktime.


WEEKLY VIDEO BLOG: Two old, gay guys who have been partners in life for 28 years. Bruce, an artist and his partner Chris, a chef, have cocktails and conversation every Monday afternoon where they discuss the crazy crap that goes on in their world and the world at large.

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