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    I have searched through my collection of ancient gay documents and have uncovered gay terms from another era - many surprisingly still in common usage. I have also added current "Gaybonics" to this gay Dictionary.
  • Our Queer Heritage, A Gay Timeline of our gay history. OUR QUEER HERITAGE,
    A Gay Timeline.

    Extensive timeline spanning our Gay History from the beginning (B.C.) to the present. Talk about intellegent cocktail conversation.
    Learn our most common gay symbols GAY SYMBOLS:
    Did you know that each color of the Freedom Flag stands for something? Learn more about popular gay symbols.
    Gay Hanky Code HANKY CODE:
    Colored handkerchiefs worn in the back pocket are a shorthand for sexual preferences, known as "flagging." CRACK THE CODE!
    Click Here for Recipes and entertaining tips from Edgar, gourmet extraordinaire. EDGAR'S KITCHEN
    Tips for entertaining, cooking tips and time-tested favorite recipes to help make your occasions a hit for your friends and meals a romantic event for your partner.
    Click Here for Observations from a Barstool OBSERVATIONS from a BARSTOOL
    Your Host, Phoenix, club kid extraordinare, shares his take on Life, Party Drugs, Health and Beauty, Relationships and more.
    Free gay advice, information and support from Dr. R. Fox GAY SUPPORT from Dr. R. Fox
    Articles and information concerning gay issues such as Coming Out and Safe Sex. Also, Ask Dr. Fox.